RMS Segwun Trivia


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Our archives are an extraordinary repository of Muskoka history, culture and trivia. Every once in awhile, while looking for something, we find something for which we were not looking. Like this list of RMS Segwun trivia:

  1. RMS. Segwun’s hull was built on the hull of the steamer Nipissing (II)
  2. Previously, Segwun’s Islander Dining Room held a purser’s office and lavatories for crew, men, and women. 
  3. Specimens of Muskoka water were sent to Scotland for testing to select the best steel for the hull.
  4. The hull was made of Welsh iron.
  5. The Nipissing (II) was renamed RMS Segwun in 1925.
  6. Since the authentic restoration, the only structural change to RMS Segwun has been the cherry wood cocktail lounge.
  7. On August 5, 1958 RMS Segwun commanded, by officers new to the route, piled up on the unmarked Gull Rock shoal off Point Montcalm.
  8.  Segwun is an Ojibwa word meaning Springtime.
  9.  After its retirement in 1958, Segwun was a floating marine museum.
  10.  In 1969, volunteers from the Beaver Creek Correctional Institute removed all of the ship’s interior paint.
  11.  In 1973, the Muskoka Steamship & Historical Society purchased RMS Segwun from the Town of Gravenhurst for one dollar.
  12.  From 1974 to 1981, $1,200,000 dollars were needed to get RMS Segwun fully operational.
  13.  On April 1, 1981, the Gravenhurst Banlea newspaper’s front page showed a picture of RMS Segwun sinking.
  14.  The Canadian Ensign flag is flown on the bow of RMS Segwun.
  15.  The iron rings on RMS Segwun today were used to tether livestock, many years ago.

Author: Judy Tennyson