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Wednesday, January 31 – Special Lunar Event

January 29, 2018


Set your alarms for 5:30 AM, Wednesday. A lunar event that has not been witnessed since the year the first steamship sailed on Lake Muskoka (1866) will occur.

Wired magazine is calling it the lunar trifecta:

  1. It is the second full moon in the month of January.
  2. The moon is as close to the Earth as is possible.
  3. There is a full lunar eclipse – the Earth will hide the sun’s ray from the moon.

There are other more romantic names for the event, none are scientific, so we are going to ignore them. That said, there is romance in the event, especially for fans of RMS Segwun. The last time there was a lunar trifecta was in 1866. So when you rise sleepy-eyed Wednesday morning, you will be seeing an event that the crew and passengers of Wenonah (I) may have witnessed. Enjoy the time travel and the romance of it all!