Image for Visiting Friends and Family – Share Muskoka’s heritage with your guests

Visiting Friends and Family – Share Muskoka’s heritage with your guests

August 19, 2017


Friends and familyThe other day we asked our guests why they chose to sail with us. Many of them answered, “We have friends and family visiting us and felt this experience was the “real” Muskoka.” What did their guests think? “Beautiful” “Lovely” “Delightful” were some of the adjectives they used. The bonus for many of them was the opportunity to visit the Discovery Centre, because admission to the museum is included with every cruise ticket purchased.

We will be sailing until October 9, 2017 – Thanksgiving Monday.  So if you have late summer guests, or early autumn guests, show them Muskoka from a different perspective, the deck of a steamship.

Share with your friends and family our vision and mission

As a not-for-profit charity, our vision is to be the leader in preserving, promoting and celebrating the culture and heritage of Canada’s Muskoka District. Our mission is to present dynamic, entertaining and educational experiences through our iconic steamships and the Muskoka Discovery Centre. It is a mission we would like to share with your friends and family the next time they visit you, wherever you may live.

For an overview of Muskoka’s steamship, grand resort and boating traditions, visit the Muskoka Discovery Centre.  To live the steamship heritage, step aboard on of our vessels.  RMS Segwun is the only steam-powered Royal Mail Ship still sailing in the world. Wenonah II is a diesel-powered replica of a traditional Muskoka steamship, with all the elegance of a bygone era.

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