The Designation Royal Mail Ship (RMS)


In the world, there are only four active ships that are referred to as Royal Mail Ships or Royal Mail Vessels. From left to right, in order of size, from smallest to largest, they are:

RMS Segwun RMV Scillonian III RMS St. Helena RMS Queen Mary
Length in feet: 125 Length in feet: 223.1 Length in feet: 344 Length in feet: 1131.98
Beam in feet: 21 Beam in feet: 38.91 Beam in feet: 63 Beam in feet: 147.63
Draft in feet: 6 Draft in feet: 9 and 5.8 inches Draft in feet: 20 Draft in feet: 32.8
Gross Tonnage: 271 Gross Tonnage: 1,255.25 Gross Tonnage: 6,767 Gross Tonnage: 151,400

Royal Mail ShipSince the 1800s, when the designation was first used, there have been approximately 200 Royal Mail Ships. Because these ships carried mail, they were contracted to be on time. They faced stiff financial penalties for delays. The designation  became a mark of excellence.

The only steam-powered Royal Mail Ship in the world

Of the four remaining vessels only one is powered by steam – RMS Segwun. She is the only steam-driven Royal Mail Ship in the world.

Although Segwun no longer carries mail from port to port in Muskoka, mail dropped in the onboard mail box will be franked RMS Segwun. The cards and letters will be forwarded to the addresses inscribed.