Choosing a cruise, in Muskoka


Cruise BeaumarisLet’s be honest, for some travellers the cost of a cruise is the primary decision maker. That said, for all travellers, value-for-money spent is significant. So how do you determine value, if you have never been on a sightseeing cruise in Muskoka?

The route of the cruise

The departure port impacts the routes. Do you want to spend more time getting to the ship, than on the ship? Gravenhurst, the gateway to Muskoka, is just a 90 minute drive north of the Greater Toronto Area.

A classic Muskoka cruise is called Millionaire’s Row.  Near Beaumaris there are cottages that have been handed down from generation to generation for over 100 years. Many were built by wealthy Americans who first visited the area to hunt, hence the name Millionaire’s Row. They enjoyed the region so much that they brought their families to spend the summer away from the polluted cities of the industrial northeast.

More than a century ago those families travelled to their cottages by steamship from Gravenhurst. Our Millionaire’s Row sailing replicates that steamship experience. Destination Canada, our national tourism marketing agency, has designated our Millionaire’s Row sightseeing sailing a Canadian Signature Experience. This rare designation assists international travellers seeking unique Canadian travel experiences.


In high season, we offer 1, 2, 2.5, 3.5 and 4 hour cruises. They don’t sail every day. Please check the schedule. The 2018 schedule will be online by April.  Because of their popularity the 2 and 2.5 hour cruises are available virtually every day between June and September. They offer optional dining as well.


If you are seeking a shipboard dining experience that is elegant, maybe private, that is where we add value to the experience. Our dining rooms are not pass through areas, where guests walk back and forth to access other areas of the boat. Some – yes there is more than one dining room on our ships – are available for private dining experiences for groups as small as six.

If you are adding a glass of wine to your dining experience, it is served table side. No need to fetch it yourself as is the case for some Muskoka cruises.

Time of year

The busiest time of year for all Muskoka cruise companies is the Fall. We recommend that you book far in advance if you want to enjoy the autumn colours from the deck of a ship.


During July and August we offer Pirate Cruises for families. Entertaining for youngsters, it is interactive and full of surprises. They are encouraged to wear costumes, as are their parents.

Individual tickets go on sale May 2018

Booking in advance is recommended regardless of your choice of sailing. Individual tickets will go on sail May 2018. Groups of 20 or more can reserve for 2018 right now!

By the way – Muskoka Discovery Centre is open all year long!