Image for Remembrance Day 2017 – Muskoka’s War Effort

Remembrance Day 2017 – Muskoka’s War Effort

October 25, 2017


Remembrance Day 2017For Remembrance Day 2017 we dug into the archives to find photos of the people of Muskoka who went to war.

In World War I, about 700 soldiers from the District joined the 122nd Battalion aka Muskoka’s Cracker Jacks. Based in Huntsville, recruitment began in late 1915. They sailed to England in June 1917.  Shortly after landing, the battalion was absorbed into the Canadian Forestry Depot. 

Did you ever wonder From where those timbers in WWI trenches came? Skilled lumberjacks from Canada felled trees in England and France to shore up those trenches. Many were from Muskoka. [Read about Private James Henry Sherwood of the 122nd.]

Sagamo - Remembrance Day 2017We also wanted to thank the veterans of World War II who fought valiantly. We found this photo for Remembrance Day 2017 of Sagamo transporting troops.

On November 11, Muskoka falls silent for 2 minutes when the clock chimes 11 in memory of the men and women of Muskoka who made the ultimate sacrifice to preserve our way of life.