Image for 2017 marks 130 years of steaming for RMS Segwun

2017 marks 130 years of steaming for RMS Segwun

March 1, 2017


Segwun listingOn this the first day of March 2017, while the RMS Segwun waits for the ice to leave the Bay, we are planning a party to mark her 130th year. She was built in Glasgow, then assembled in Gravenhurst in 1887.

Originally named Nipissing II, she had side paddlewheels, when she steamed to the resorts and cottages around Lake Muskoka. She was relaunched in 1925, with her Objiwa name Segwun, meaning springtime. Decommissioned in 1958, she was saved from the scrapyard in 1962 when she was converted to a museum. She began her latest incarnation – a passenger ship for travellers to Muskoka in 1981.

The sound of her whistle drifting across the Muskoka Lakes is as iconic as a loon’s call. To be a part of history in 2017, put your name on our email list.