Image for Muskoka Bay is free of ice! Visit this weekend.

Muskoka Bay is free of ice! Visit this weekend.

April 18, 2017


Ice Free BayMuskoka has many harbingers of spring: the return of migratory birds like American Goldfinches or Canada Goose; mud encrusted snow banks; or pond size potholes. Perhaps the most anticipated harbinger is Muskoka Bay free of ice.

This year the change was dramatic. The ice was there one day and gone the next, thanks to extreme temperature variations. The steamships are floating high due to the quick and large melt. Gulls whirl about crying in the sky.

Afternoons are warm now, especially in sun traps like the benches that sit under the steamship ticket office roof overhang. In the Grace and Speed Boathouse at the Discovery Centre, the classic wooden boats on display still have their hulls out of the water.  But not for much longer.

On Saturday, Peter Sale will be speaking in the Greavette Room of the Discovery Centre. Thank you Gravenhurst Lions Club for sponsoring the event.

This weekend – April 22 and 23 – is the perfect time for a spring visit to Muskoka Wharf and our ice free Bay.