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High Tea Explained

July 1, 2017


High TeaOne of our most popular sailings this year is our High Tea Cruise.  It usually departs at 2:15, returning to the dock at 4:15 PM. There are exceptions so check the sailing schedule when you’ve chosen your travel dates.

High Tea is optional

Just to be clear, you do not have to purchase the meal. You can purchase a cruise-only ticket. However, the meal adds a certain elegance to the experience. That might be because our ships are decorated in the style that was common in the early 20th Century. Tin ceilings. Flowered wall paper. Classic chairs. Tablecloths. High Tea service just fits.

The Menu

High Tea is a British tradition. The name refers to the height of the table.  Afternoon Tea was served on what we would call  a coffee table. High Tea was served at a table of a height more like a dining table. Afternoon Tea was a lighter meal than High Tea, which was akin to supper. Canadians have adapted the tradition somewhat.

Our High Tea menu consists of 6 finger sandwiches, 2 scones, and 3 sweets per person, plus a choice of specialty teas. The photo is a serving for two people. All the food is served at once. So you can be naughty and start with dessert.

Add a little something special

Add a glass of sherry or bubbly to your  order. The optional beverage adds a festive touch if you are celebrating a special occasion.

Booking your High Tea

The first step is to purchase a ticket on a cruise with the optional menu, either our 2 hour sightseeing cruise or the 4 hour Millionaire’s Row cruise.  At the time of purchase, you must reserve your meal. You will pay for the meal on board. A reservation must be made however, as our teas are catered and we only have on board enough to fulfill the reservations.