Image for Gravenhurst Narrows #Lighthouse: Then & Now

Gravenhurst Narrows #Lighthouse: Then & Now

September 22, 2017


Gravenhurst NarrowsIf you had sailed with us on a Fall Colours cruise early this week, the iconic lighthouse located at the Narrows looked like the photo to the right. As a matter of fact, that is how the lighthouse has looked since the early 20th Century.





Temporary LighthouseNot right now. No, if you cruise with us this weekend or the next while, the Gravenhurst Narrows Lighthouse looks like this.  The florescent paint at the bottom of the red and white tube light reads “TEMP.”  While the crew assigned the task of building the replacement lighthouse hammers and bangs on the tiny island, the temporary light flashes to alert boaters.

From now until Thanksgiving, guests aboard our ships will be able to capture the changes as the lighthouse grows from the ground up.



Proposed LighthouseThe replacement of the lighthouse is a Canadian Coast Guard project.  We thank them for the use of their image of the proposed lighthouse. Seen to the right.