Image for Freight Shed Survey – Help us conduct an inventory, please.

Freight Shed Survey – Help us conduct an inventory, please.

August 8, 2017


Port Carling Freight ShedUntil I moved to Muskoka I did not understand the significance of freight sheds to the heritage of the District. Truthfully, I didn’t know you called the roofed shelters on docks freight sheds.

Steamer Dock and Freight Shed

We don’t know why steamer dock freight sheds were never enclosed. Goods and luggage intended for transport by steamer would be stored under the shed roof. The open sides failed to protect the packages from wind driven snow or rain.

As steamer docks were removed, so were the sheds. However a few remain.  The photo shows the freight shed at Port Carling. The Gravenhurst steamer dock ends with a replica freight shed equipped with benches for waiting passengers.

The Muskoka Discovery Centre wants to know how many authentic steamer freight sheds are left in the district. Private or public! We need your help to take the inventory. If you know of one, please share the information with us.  Send a photo if you can.  Call 1.866.687.6667 to report a freight shed.