Image for First Sign of Freeze-up on Muskoka Bay

First Sign of Freeze-up on Muskoka Bay

November 23, 2017


Were you aware that throughout the winter we post videos of Muskoka Bay as it changes throughout the fall and winter? Our weather vlogs began in January 2017 on our Facebook page.

From time to time, we have posted to YouTube. However, if you want to be notified whenever one is posted, follow us on Facebook. You have to join Facebook to follow. Don’t worry, you will be among Friends – 2.07 billion a month, according to one source.

When you join Facebook or if you are already a member, search for Muskoka Steamships. When our page appears, click use the following drop down menu to select your preferences. Once set, our Facebook posts will automatically appear in your Facebook newsfeed.

Click the > on the video above and watch the first sign of freeze-up.