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F L Buchanan Limited – The Buchanan Engine

May 4, 2017


In the 1920s Muskoka had an international reputation of building wooden pleasure boats. The kind that are on display in the Murray Walker Grace and Speed Boathouse on the bay side of the Muskoka Discovery Centre.

Those special boats required high-powered marine motors. F L Buchanan became known as one of the best manufacturers.  His first Buchanan engine was the Baby Four (1927) that developed 13 hp and had a reverse gear and electric starter. 1928 saw the introduction of the Buchanan Midget – 4 cylinders that developed 25 hp and The Bulldog Four capable of 30 hp.

In 1932, Buchanan introduced a 6-cylinder engine known as The Junior Six capable of 43.5 hp. Four  years later, The Buchanan Eight produced 114 hp.

The Jupiter Six introduced in 1946, was a six cylinder, single carburetor engine capable of producing 160 hp – 200 with dual carbs.

Lawton Osler, who is co-chair of our Membership Committee and a lifelong resident of Muskoka District has had a passion for Buchanan engines since he was a little boy. As he sits beside a Buchanan on display in the Discovery Centre, he tells about his passion in this short video.