Friends of the Muskoka Watershed Exhibit


Our partner, Friends of the Muskoka Watershed, has asked visitors to the Muskoka Discovery Centre to help alleviate the calcium deficiency in Muskoka’s lakes and rivers.

The Hauling Ash to Solve Ecological Osteoporosis (HATSEO) project seeks to understand and address the diminishing calcium levels in Muskoka’s lakes and soils though a unique and innovative program of residential wood ash recycling and applied research. Evidence of decreased levels of calcium is already being seen in diminished yields in maple sap, especially in the north-east corner of the watershed, though evidence that larger areas of the watershed being affected are increasing. Appropriate levels of calcium in both soil and water is essential for aquatic and terrestrial life in the watershed. Getting out in front of a more widespread impact and finding ways to replenish calcium levels in soil and water will help to ensure a healthier and more resilient ecosystem, now and for the future.  Friends of the Muskoka Watershed

Visit the Muskoka Discovery Centre to collect your bottle of ash to spread on the water near your home or cottage. Help us help the watershed.