Exhibits: June to December 31, 2017

Mapping in MuskokaMapping in Muskoka 1867 – our recorded past charts our future.

We celebrate Canada’s 150 birthday this year with a tribute to Map Makers, Surveyors and our First Nations. Our interactive exhibit will have some of Canada’s oldest maps of Muskoka on display, equipment used in 1867, our First Nations harvesting families and early portage routes. The stories of David Thompson and many other surveyors that charted the lakes of Muskoka will be a special highlight of the exhibit.


Segwun 130 ExhibitR.M.S. Segwun 1887 – 2017

An exhibit to celebrate R.M.S. Segwun and her amazing story that started in 1887. A replica of Nipissing II, a sidewheeler is in the display. Segwun was built upon the superstructure of Nipissing II.

Visit our Freight Deck Theatre and watch our 20 minute video of the “Restoration of the RMS Segwun”.


Muskoka Resorts Celebrating 100 years

An exhibit of Muskoka resorts that have been operating for 100 plus years. Each resort has a brief history about it and 2 to 3 pictures.  Muskoka resorts are famous for their regattas, beaches, water activities, water sports, swimming and games.  A few have golf courses, children’s camps and restaurants.



exhibitsSaving Muskoka’s Forests and Lakes – exhibit by Friends of Muskoka Watershed

Nearly 60,000 people call Muskoka home. With more than 1600 lakes, thousands more spend their summers in the district, enjoying the natural beauty. Muskoka is a vulnerable place as its forest soils are thin and built from granite. That makes them susceptible to acid rain. The problem of acid rain has evolved into a new environmental stress – calcium decline, a growing concern for Muskokans. Learn more

Muskoka Boat Builder Vignette

Boats that have previously been hidden come to the fore in our exhibit, Muskoka Boat Builder Vignette. Visitors will see a wooden boat; a boat builder working on a boat and a projection system that features race boats, boat builders and boats.

Freight Deck Theatre

Located on the main floor of the Discovery Centre, in the replica of the RMS Segwun, visitors can watch three different films – two are new for 2017. In addition to Restoration of the RMS Segwun, visitors can watch 100 Mile Cruise and Drydocking of RMS Segwun and Wenonah II.

New Exhibits in KidZone for 2017KidZone Baby and Me

Rotary Reading Treehouse is our newest exhibit generously designed and built by the Gravenhurst Rotary Club. Our tree house is an amazing space for kids to read, play, dream and explore their imagination.

Make a Picture with our large magnetic picture pieces. 2 extra large puzzles – one for adults and one for youth can be created with magnetic picture pieces.

Tiny Tots Play Centre a new space designed for babies and toddlers. This space is complete with educational toys that will assist with early years learning and development all while having fun