Congratulations and Recognition of Volunteer Service

The hours invested by Muskoka Steamships and Discovery Centre volunteers are essential to the success of the organization. In recognition of service, we extend our congratulations to the following:

Congratulations for 5 years of service

Louise Boese, Bruce Celand, Susan Green, Ron Henderson, Barry Radford, Nancy Thompson, John Webb, Bruce West, Mark E Williams,

Congratulations for 10 years of service

Congratulations Jane ChurchDale Barnes, Gloria Berndt, Gord Bird, Harvey Bradley, Glad Bryce, Beverley Bullen, Bob Bullen, Alison Butler, Bob Butler, Olean Chlystyk, June Church, Barb Dickson, Ian Dickson, Carolyn Dixon, Ted Ellis, Allen Flye, Eileen Godfrey, Marlyn Goodwin, James Goodwin, Marcia Groskorth, Bob Groskorth, Patricia Johnson, Martin Kupferschmidt, John Lee, Rick McGraw, Jack McIrvine, Blair McMurchy, Stan Meeks, James Onions, Berna Ormsby, Stephen Ormsby, Mary Patterson, Bruce Patterson, Garry Punchard, Barb Rawlinson, Jack Rawlinson, Barbara Riddell, Ron Riddell, John Rooney, Patricia Scammell, Ron Sclater, Hank Smith, Catherine Sommers, Mary Storey, John Storey, Richard Tatley, Karen Terry, Rick Terry, Diana Thompson, Ian Turnbull, Murray Walker, Jack Young, Patricia Young, Al Young

Want to volunteer?

We have a variety of jobs for volunteers. Guiding, for instance, is a 3 hour commitment once a week. Tour Guides welcome visitors to the Discovery Centre and answer questions.  They accompany groups as they tour the Discovery Centre.