Image for Celebrating a 95th birthday in the Cherokee Dining Room aboard Wenonah II

Celebrating a 95th birthday in the Cherokee Dining Room aboard Wenonah II

August 28, 2017


A few months ago, we mentioned that our Cherokee Dining Room on Wenonah II had been booked for a 95th birthday party. That party occurred yesterday, during the lunch time sailing. The guest of honour and 18 family members embraced the brilliant sunny day with her. [FYI:  The Cherokee Dining Room holds a maximum of 24 guests.]

Lined on two sides by large windows, guests could watch the changing lakescape as they dined. The cruise lasted 2.5 hours, with food service taking about 1 hour and cocktails another 30 minutes.  There was plenty of time left for everyone to explore the ship; leaning against railings on the outside decks, or sitting on benches under the covered decks.

The birthday girl designated the Muskoka Sunset as the 95th birthday party cocktail. Many of the guests supported her choice with a smidgeon of trepidation. They had anticipated a sickly sweet, fruity concoction and were delighted to sip on a sparkling, slightly tart and refreshing mix of delights. A second round was ordered with enthusiasm.

Normally a bumbleberry pie is served – a chef’s choice. However, a birthday cake was brought aboard by the guest of honour’s family. No candles are allowed, so the family had sourced a battery driven birthday cake topper that shimmered and flashed.

Singing Happy Birthday

Although the group had exclusive use of the Cherokee Dining Room, there were 180 other guests on board. That large group noted that a birthday was being celebrated. They sang Happy Birthday to her on the covered deck – TWICE! But that wasn’t the only rendition, a deckhand serenaded her upon boarding, and the family sang when the cake was presented.

The guest of honour was not the only nonagenarian in the group.  Both of the 90+ year olds were in transporter chairs and wobbly on their feet.  Yet Wenonah II made it easy for them to fully enjoy the cruise. The ship has an elevator and an accessible washroom. The sills are low permitting wheelchair transport from bow to stern.

To book your next family part aboard Wenonah II, call 1.866.687.6668 and ask for Inguna Ramina.